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Do I need my own website to have a tour?
No. We can produce the tour and host it for you in our web space. You can also have the tour on a cd.

How long do the tours take to produce?
We aim to have your tour completed within 5 working days of completing the photography on site.

So, what's the process involved in getting a tour?
First of all is the initial chat about what type and size of tour you would like. We will then visit you to take a look at the location, and offer suggestions as to how and where to take the shots from (ground/elevated/outdoors etc). Once you've decided then we can give you a fixed price quote for the job. We then arrange a day (for outdoors weather permitting!) to come and carry out the photography which lasts about 20 minutes per scene. Between 4 and 6 high resolution digital still shots are taken at each location of the tour. Next we take the shots back to our office for processing into the tour - the photo's are reviewed and adjusted if necessary for colour correctness, sharpness etc, and then "stitched" together to form a full 360 scene. Further editing removes the camera tripod from the shot and any other unwanted objects (sometimes you may want a car number plate or house number removed). When the tour is finished we will send a link for you to preview the tour on the internet.
Finally the tour is either sent to you on cd if its going on your website, or loaded onto our web space if we are hosting the tour for you.
Payment is usually made by cheque or BACS transfer. In the unlikely event that we need to re-visit your location to re-take any photo's, that will be at our expense.

Are the tours easy to put on our site?
Once the tour is ready you will receive a file with instructions of exactly how to load the tour onto your site. We can of course help if you are still struggling. If you prefer, we will store the tour on our web space for you to link to.

How much do the tours cost?
As every business is different, so is the tour. We only make customised tours/images specific to your business and therefore to cannot quote an accurate price until we've had a quick chat or received some further information. To get started, please send us an email or fill in the contact form with your ideas, and we will be happy to assess the project. 360 images start from as little as £100 GBP. We operate a volume discount scheme for multiple scenes, and also for businesses with an ongoing need i.e estate/letting agents.

How much do product shots (packshots) cost?
Product shots are priced according to the following table:



These prices are for photo's taken in a single session using the same background and lighting. 360 product rotations start at £150.

How do I order a tour?
Simple- call us, email or fill in the contact form with your details and we will get back to you for a chat about how to proceed. We are happy to listen to your ideas and make suggestions on how to best show your business.

Where can the tours be shown?
The tours can be shown on a website, cd, business card cd or touch screen kiosks.

What format do the tours/images come in?
We can produce 360 images in Java, Quicktime or Flash.

What locations are suitable for a tour?
We can produce a tour in almost any location from a car interior to a football pitch; on a roller coaster to an underground cave - if you have an idea but think it may not be achievable, please call - we will be glad to try and have not yet had to say no!



If your business supplies others with multi media products or web design and you would like to offer our photography as part of your service, we would be interested to hear from you. Please contact us for an informal discussion.